First Anniversary of the PTC acquisition

PTC as part of the Ardula Group, one year on…

In February 2013, Ardula Ltd acquired PTC (South East) Ltd, and in the last year both companies have consolidated their positions, helped by the positive trading climate we now have, but also by the synergies of combining two respected companies using the same management, sales and administrative platforms, all now based at Laddingford.

PTC fleet continues to use the premises at Sheerness while the Ardula fleet is based at Laddingford (between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells). The combined fleet has diverse tipper units ranging from 6 and 8 wheelers (some with grabs) to 44 tonne artics, totalling over 30 vehicles, and continuing to expand.

Managing director, Martin Dace, said: “PTC now concentrates on longer haul work with its articulated and aluminium bodied tippers, while Ardula serves the muck away and local aggregates supply business. With a streamlined management and support team for both companies we are able to achieve efficiencies to maintain a market leading position.”

Asa Presneill, Operations Director adds: “We are now moving into new markets and customers we had not reached before and are expanding the fleet, especially with more articulated units. Our committed sales team and workforce understand what customer’s needs and expectations are, and strive to satisfy them”.

PTC has traded from Sheppey for 30 years, incorporating in 1998. Ardula is now in its third decade providing a quality service in south east England with customers ranging from house owners, small builders, landscapers and groundworkers, through to national contractors.

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