Reversing Skills Training Day

Precision driving training for our newly qualified class 1 drivers…

January 29th, 2016 marked the first of the newly introduced Ardula Ltd/PTC (SE) Ltd Reversing Skills Training Day for newly qualified class 1 drivers within the company. The company has recently started pooling from internal sources for class 1 drivers who wish to try something new, and benefit from the tipping knowledge from their class 2 experience.

The session incorporates close quarters manoeuvring, as would be found at many of the sites visited throughout the working day, as well as blind-side reversing and tipping positioning.

During the session the employees were shown all aspects of the vehicle, from coupling/uncoupling the trailer through to grease points, and on to the use of the wash-down facilities.

As well as hands on training, class based talks were used to provide employees with the knowledge to look after and use their allocated truck to its best potential in the safest way possible.

Reversing Skills Training Day

Negotiating the cones—precision driver training

Reversing Skills Training Day

Ardula/PTC are, where possible, trying to improve driver skills and training to promote an industry often frowned upon as uncaring and bullish. Over recent years driver training has increased across the industry, with HGV drivers now being educated constantly with legally specified training periods that are repeated every 5 years. As a company we are adding to this training knowledge with our own experience to provide a professional service to our customers and clients, and promote safer driving and methods of working.

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